The “Action Dashboard” — Avinash Mounts My Favorite Soapbox

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Avinash Kaushik has a great post today titled The “Action Dashboard” (An Alternative to Crappy Dashboards. As usual, Avinash is spot-on with his observations about how to make data truly useful. He provides a pretty interesting 4-quadrant dashboard framework (as a transitional step to an even more powerful dashboard). I’ve gotten red in the face more times than I care to count when it comes to trying to get some of the concepts he presents across. It’s a slow process that requires quite a bit of patience. For a more complete take on my thoughts check out my post over on the Bulldog Solutions blog.

And, yes, I’m posting here and pointing to another post that I wrote on a completely different blog. We’ve recently re-launched the Bulldog Solutions blog — new platform, and, we hope, with a more focussed purpose and strategy. What I haven’t fully worked out yet is how to determine when to post here and when to post there…and when to post here AND there (like this post).

It may be that we find out that we’re not quite as ready to be as transparent as we ought to be over on the corporate blog, in which case this blog may get some posts that are more “my fringe opinion” than will fly on the corporate blog. I don’t know. We’ll see. I know I’m not the first person to face the challenge of contributing to multiple blogs (I’ve also got my wife’s and my personal blog…but that one’s pretty easy to carve off).

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