Web Analytics, 140 Characters at a Time

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I’ve been a Twitter user since last fall. My usage has been pretty sporadic, but I seem to have a decent system for keeping one eye cocked without letting it eat into my overall productivity. It’s been a good source for interesting information — some work-related, some not.

I’ve been a webanalytics Yahoo! group junkie for much, much longer.

A couple of weeks ago, Jason Egan started a thread on group titled Any other web analytics folk on Twitter? It turns out a number of us were lurking there. Just over a day later, enough people had chimed in that one brilliant (and damn good looking) fellow suggested using the Twitter hashtag convention — proposing #webanalytics — to help identify web analytics-oriented tweets. Eric Peterson then chimed in within 10 minutes proposing #wa instead of #webanalytics (a char-saving suggestion) and added on that we could all use Twemes to track these tweets.

Just like that, we’ve got a much more immediate channel for web analytics check-ins and connections!

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