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And…it’s the monthly installment of “Don’t These People Know that Wednesday Comes After Tuesday?” Also known as “Web Analytics Wednesday (on Tuesday) in Columbus.” This month’s event was graciously sponsored by Coremetrics.

We had a record turnout (um…by one), with participants from Victoria’s Secret, DSW, ECNext, ForeSee (all the way from Motor City!), Lightbulb Interactive, Highlights (current and former), Resource Interactive (current and soon-to-be former), Nationwide (former and soon-to-be-again), Franklin University, and, of course, Bulldog Solutions.

This month’s topic was “Social Media Tools for Web Analysts.” As usual, the presentation/handout was quick, and the more interesting part of the evening was the various side discussions that the discussion spawned. Several active Twitter users were in attendance: @bigbryc (who, apparently, I inadvertently “outed” as a Twitter user to some of his co-workers after last month’s WAW), @reubenyau, and @tgwilson (me).

The discussion centered around the various social media tools/sites that have web analyst-oriented activity. Presented from the perspective of…me, so by no means all-encompassing, and not really intended to be. We (mostly) steered clear of “social media measurement,” and we definitely steered clear of “leveraging social media as a marketing tool for your company.” The list of sites/tools and how/where I’ve seen them being used by the web analyst community is available in this Excel 2003 spreadsheet. I’ve tagged the sites/tools that, personally, I am a regular user of, as well as some of the sites/tools that I am likely to become a regular user of in the near future (or really ought to be a more regular user of) — print/print preview to see the two footnote indicators and what they mean.

It’s not comprehensive…and, yet, it’s longer than it really ought to be. I picked up a tip on Google Notebook, so I need to check that out.

I can’t figure out exactly how to work a couple of notes into this post, so I’ll just drop them in as non sequiturs:

  • Scott Zakrajsek was temporarily possessed by evil aliens recently. In reality, he always has and always will think that Coremetrics is the greatest web analytics tool on the planet
  • The soon-to-be-traditional Monish Datta direct reference so he can pop up on his friends’/co-workers’ Google Alerts…

As always, it was great to see the regular faces, great to see a few new faces, and we missed some of the regular faces.

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  1. Hey Tim. Thanks for the post, and the download. Have you ever used Summize for twitter? That’s probably my favorite twitter monitoring tool right now.

  2. Doh! Summize! I can’t believe I whiffed on that one. That’s right up there in my Top Newest Favorites. Once I figure out exactly how it’s integrated with Tweetdeck, I’ll be golden.

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