And the Rebellion Is Over (for Now)

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UPDATE: The venue for the event has changed. We got bumped from O’Shaugnessy’s by a private party and then realized that the Arena District would likely be overrun with people attending the Rockettes show that night. So, we’ve moved north to BJ’s Restaurant at 1414 Polaris Pkwy.

For almost a year*, Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday has been held on a Tuesday. Initially because that’s what seemed to work best, but, over time, simply because we enjoyed being rebels — bucking tradition, mixing things up. Nay! Walking on the wild side! It’s Ohio — that’s about the level of wild and craziness we reach.

But, alas! Of late, we’ve had some Tuesday conflicts cropping up. After conducting exhaustive market research**, we’ve decided to step in line and shift to Wednesday night. We’re not saying that’s a permanent shift, but that’s the case for December, at least.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
6:30 PM until…it fades 

O’Shaughnessy’s Public House
401 N Front St

BJ’s Restaurant
1414 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, Ohio

For details and to RSVP so we’ve got a decent headcount, check out the Columbus WAW event page. The blogosphere is abuzz about it!


* 7 months, actually, but we’re trending towards a year, and web analytics is all about trends, right?

** A SurveyMonkey survey that had 13 respondents to date.

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  1. You web analysts are just out of control. Would be scary to see what would happen if the web analysts and bean counters went out on the town together.

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