Am I Ever BeHIND on Posting…

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August was a little crazy for me:

  • I changed jobs — left Nationwide to become Director, Measurement and Analytics at Resource Interactive — which is 1000% the “right” move, but meant for a hectic/stressful month
  • Back-to-school time, which was more than just getting our kids ready — my wife ran our two sons’ elementary school’s entire supply sale…and my “I’ll show you a few tricks in Excel to help you stay organized” offer morphed into a full-blown custom ERP system built in MS Access; August was the month when all the supplies arrived (think almost 10,000 no. 2 pencils…) and had to be divvied up; I did no divvying, but there were a number of late-breaking report requests; at last count, the database had over 20 tables (it’s almost a fully denormalized database), over 40 queries, 12 forms, and 20+ reports; AND…it’s now been extended to also handle the production of the school’s student directory; gotta love MS Access!
  • Company, company, company — two visits from friends in Texas, two visits from my parents, a visit from my in-laws, and my mother-in-law moved in for six weeks to convalesce from surgery…all in a 3-week period in August

I’ve got one more good customer data management post in me that needs to get written, at which point I expect to be shifting over to more web analytics-y, social media measurement-y posts going forward.

And…as I played around with Drupal for a couple of projects over the past couple of months, I realized that the theme that I settled on after weeks of experimentation on this blog…is one that was built for WordPress to mimic one of the Drupal default themes! How embarrassing!

Please be patient! My life will settle back down soon (I hope). In the meantime, if you’re going to be in Columbus in the middle of September, consider stopping by this month’s Web Analytics Wednesday on September 16th!

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