Data Visualization Tips and Concepts (Monish Datta calls it “stellar”)*

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Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday was sponsored by Resource Interactive last week, and it was, as usual, a fun and engaging event:

Web Analytics Wednesday -- Attendees settling in

We tried a new venue — the Winking Lizard on Bethel Road — and were pretty pleased with the accommodations (private room, private bar, very reasonable prices), so I expect we’ll be back.

Relatively new dad Bryan Cristina had a child care conflict with his wife…so he brought along Isabella (who was phenomenally calm and well-behaved, and is cute as a button!):

Bryan and Isabella

I presented on a topic I’m fairly passionate about — data visualization. The presentation was well-received (Monish Datta really did tweet that it was “stellar”)  and generated a lot of good discussion. I had several requests for copies of the presentation, so I’ve modified it slightly to make it more Slideshare-friendly and posted it. If you click through on the embedded version below, you can see the notes for each slide by clicking on the “Notes on Slide X” tab underneath the slideshow, or you can download the file itself (PowerPoint 2007), which includes notes with each slide (I think you might have to create/login to a Slideshare account, which it looks like you can do quickly using Facebook Connect).





I had fun putting the presentation together, as this is definitely a topic that I’m passionate about!

* The “Monish Datta” reference in the title of this post, while accurate, is driven by my never-ending quest to dominate search rankings for searches for Monish. I’m doing okay, but not exactly dominating.

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