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TweetReach has started up a new interview series on their blog called TakeFive with TweetReach. The goal of the series is to “provide insight and commentary from notable members of the social media analytics and measurement community, with the goal of facilitating an ongoing conversation around all things measurement.” I’m not going to quibble with their loose interpretation of the term “notable.” I was happy to participate!

Some of my favorite quotes (from me…how egocentric is that) from the interview:

We use our measurement planning process to ensure we have alignment across the stakeholders involved in the campaign. For each tactic or channel, we try to make sure we’re all in agreement on the answers to two questions (we actually call these “the two magic questions”): 1) what is the tactic supposed to do? (these are the objectives for the tactic) and 2) how will we know if it did that? (these are the key performance indicators).


Marketers tend to operate with a hefty level of cognitive dissonance: on the one hand, touting the importance of multi-channel marketing that has congruent and complementary messaging…and then asking, “What’s the value of a fan of my Facebook page?”

And, finally:

When I’m presented with a, “You must prove the ROI of our social media investment!” decree, I tend to redirect slightly and ask the requestor if what they really want to know is, “Did I efficiently and effectively invest in this effort and garner meaningful, quantifiable results from that investment?” If I can get agreement on that…

Brilliant stuff, I say! Check out the full interview on the TweetReach blog!


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