Monish Datta: “Justin Kistner of Webtrends KNOWS Facebook Measurement!”

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We had a fantastic Web Analytics Wednesday last night, sponsored by Webtrends with social media measurement guru Justin Kistner providing a wealth of information about Facebook measurement (and Facebook marketing in general).

With almost 50 attendees, we were, as best as I can tell, tied with the largest turnout we’ve ever had. Is “number of attendees” an appropriate success measure? Well, yeah, it is. Even better that the group was super-engaged, and I’ve never had so many people track me down to laud the content (including multiple follow-up requests as to whether I had the deck yet!

Justin was gracious enough to share his presentation, and it’s posted below (click through to Slideshare to download the source PowerPoint):

A handful of pictures from the event:


Food, Drink, and Chatting

Justin Launches His  Presentation

Justin Gets Things Rolling

The Late Night Lingerers
(that’s Monish Datta in the middle — a wholly gratuitous reference in pursuit of SEO silliness)

The Late Lingerers

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  1. Tim,

    Anchor text matters when linking for SEO, and you missed a total opportunity to make Monish’s site rank for “that guy who always shows up late to CbusWAW”

  2. Tim,
    Any helpful resources on how to incorporate your ecommerce site/products onto a Facebook canvas page? Justin mentioned something about css. You also said that your company does this? I can’t imagine it is as easy as creating an app with your website code inside, correct? I don’t necessarily want to go through a 3rd party…
    Thanks for your help and for organizing such a great event!
    Kristan Vaughn
    Gooseberry Patch

  3. @Kristan My comment was definitely 3rd party-related — Resource Interactive’s Distributed Commerce Platform: Some of the challenges we had to address to get that working, none of which were trivial, were: 1) enabling the user to remain inside Facebook for the entire experience, 2) getting appropriate analytics tagging functioning, and 3) providing mechanisms to assure consumers that the process was secure. Facebook has made changes that have made several of these less challenging.

    While you can simply render your entire site inside an iFrame, that’s something that sounds better in theory than it actually works in practice, I think. But, if you can take the underlying CMS/eCommerce platform and develop templates and an experience that makes the experience smooth, you’re on the right track (and I’m not sufficiently well-versed to call out what specific additional wrinkles you’ll run into there). Or, you can continue to take the user out of the Facebook experience…but make sure he/she is being sent to landing pages that are tailored for “coming from Facebook” in some way.

    Mashable recently published an article that breaks down the options pretty well, I think:

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