Gilligan Meets Super #ACCELERATE — Recreated

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I had a ball at the inaugural #ACCELERATE event last Friday, created and hosted by Web Analytics Demystified and sponsored by OpinionLab, Tealeaf, and Ensighten. I was lucky enough to snag one of the Super #ACCELERATE sessions — 12 presenters, 5 minutes each — that closed out the day.

The instructions we got from Eric Peterson for the Super #ACCELERATE sessions were simple and clear (and reinforced multiple times):

  1. NO MORE than 5 minutes
  2. One BIG IDEA
  3. Have FUN

With that, I noodled on a variety of topics and then decided to use the opportunity to try to bring together a couple of thoughts I’ve had over the past six months to see if I could coherently articulate how they could all play together in an envisioned future.

Several people asked for a reproduction of the presentation, so I’ve recorded it as a video with voiceover (you don’t get the added imagery of me standing behind a podium, but I don’t think that overly detracts from the experience). The video version below is 30 seconds longer than 5 minutes because I’ve added an intro slide and a set of credits that were not part of the actual presentation.

The slides themselves are also posted on SlideShare (no audio included).

I’ll have another post (or maybe two) of reflections on the event. I’ll also be eagerly looking forward to the next #ACCELERATE event slated for April in Chicago.

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  3. Great presentation. Perfect idea. Sampling is the way forward. Maybe we need players like Dunnhumby or Merkle to come forward and drive the mechanics since much of this mirrors database marketing.

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