Analysts as Community Managers’ Best Friends

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I had a great time in Boston last week at eMetrics. The unintentional theme, according to my own general perception and the group messaging backchannel that I was on, was that tag management SOLVES ALL!!!.

My session…had nothing to do with tag management, but it seemed worth sharing nonetheless: “The Community Manager’s Best Friend: You.” The premise of the presentation was twofold:

  • Community managers plates are overly full as it is without them needing to spend extensive time digging into data and tools
  • Analysts have a slew of talents that are complementary to community managers’, and they can apply those talents to make for a fantastic partnership

Due to an unfortunate mishap with the power plug on my mixing board while I was out of town a few month ago, my audio recording options are a bit limited, so the audio quality in the 50-minute video (slides with voiceover) below isn’t great. But, it’s passable (put on some music in the background, and the “from the bottom of a deep well” audio effect in the recording won’t bug you too much):

I’ve also posted the slides on Slideshare, so you can quickly flip through them that way as well, if you’d rather:

As always, I’d love any any and all feedback! With luck, I’ll reprise the session at future conferences, and a reprise without refinement would be a damn shame!

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