#AdobeSummit Top 5 (6 actually) Tweets from Tuesday, March 5th

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Summary: real-time marketing stat, tag management throwdown challenge, keynote livestream info, short people (tweeter and target), Adobe announcements.

Wait a Minute: Top 5 by WHAT?

Presumably, most people reading this are analysts, so there will be questions about the data itself. I kept it simple:

  • Data source: TweetReach by UnionMetrics  (bonus: they just rolled out the beta of their new tracker design!)
  • Filter: includes the #AdobeSummit hashtag (so, no Unsummit, and no direct inclusion of the myriad Adobe accounts — although many were, obviously, tweeting with the hashtag)
  • Criteria for “Top”: this is simply based on the number of retweets as recorded by TweetReach. I like this as a measure because it captures “tweets that got traction.” Obviously, users who have a gazillion followers (@charleneli, @Adobe) have an advantage here, because there are more first-level opportunities to garner a retweet…but they’ve got a gazillion followers for a reason, so I’m fine with that). In the case of ties, well, I just included 6 instead of 5 and that takes care of that.

Now, on to the tweets!

Real-Time Marketing Stat

#AdobeSummit Real-Time MarketingCharlene Li will be presenting in one of the general sessions today (and I’ll be on hand to grab people afterwards for some quick thoughts via video interview). In addition to this being a true social media thought leader, the specific stat is pretty interesting. It makes logical sense…but it also requires operational processes to back it up. I’m looking forward to hearing her thoughts in more depth later today!

Tag Management Throwdown Challenge

#AdobeSummit TMS Challenge

Click through on the image above (or here) to get to the actual tweet and retweet it yourself, if you’re intrigued.

Evan, I’m sure, has never been described as meek and unopinionated. On any topic. Ever. Lucky for the world of digital analytics, he’s also damn sharp, and he’s a vendor calling for a head-to-head comparison.  Doesn’t every practitioner wish there was more “head-to-head” and “face-to-face” when it comes to vendors (not just tag management — web analytics, voice of the customer, testing, etc.). This won’t happen (logistically, it’s tough to do a meaningful head-to-head…and most vendors don’t really want to see that happen)…but it’s fun to dream!

Later (much later) last night at the Gibson Girl bar, Evan shared that he’s got an “Attribution Management Manifesto.” As yet unpublished…and a topic for another post. But, I’m looking forward to seeing that! 

Keynote Livestream Info

#AdobeSummit Live StreamFun stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person!

Short People (Tweeter and Target)

#AdobeSummit Small Smalls


My fellow Summit Insider — not a WNBA prospect in her own right — captured Kevin Willeitner’s first exposure to Liz Smalls.

(Note: I will almost certainly get in trouble for my description of that tweet from both @MicheleJKiss and — just because — @KristaSeiden).

Adobe Announcements

#AdobeSummit Announcements


If I were less of an analyst and more of a UX/experience guy…I might have something clever to say about CQ 5.6. Alas! I am not.

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  1. Thanks for keeping those of us who couldn’t make it in the loop! Love Charlene’s sentiment there, hoping that someone posts some more details. In my various experiences I’ve certainly felt that it was key to sales successes as well as support/services and therefore customer retention. If someone is putting data behind that I’d love to be able to reference it!

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