A.D.A.P.T. to Act and Learn

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I keep posting things elsewhere and forgetting to get a post here to reference them.

Last fall, I pitched a session topic to Jim Sterne for the eMetrics conference that occurred last week. At the time, I was just a few weeks into my job at Clearhead, and I figured that, by April 2013, I’d easily have a fully baked, deliverable-supporting process that I could use as the basis for the session.

You’re expecting this sentence — the one following that last paragraph — to say, “Boy…was I wrong!” The fact is…I was mostly right!

A handful of articles, posts, and content all came out of my effort to get spit and polish on the material in time for the session:

Lots of content. You be the judge if it’s good content. Or, if you’re reading this shortly after it got posted and you’re in central Ohio, come get an abbreviated version at this month’s Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday.

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