EXACTLY Where I’ve Wanted to Be

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Ask a career coach how to land your dream job and they’ll tell you: 1) figure out what your dream job is, and 2) develop a plan to get there.* I never consciously did either one, but I realized several years ago that I have the most fun when I’m helping companies figure out how to “do” digital analytics effectively.  I even caught myself with a pretty tight description of what that looked like in my ideal form: it looked like what Eric, John, and Adam (just the three of them at the time) were doing over at Web Analytics Demystified. The fact that I got to know them personally, both at conferences and through social media, as well as the rest of the stellar crew of talent they’ve added since then, did nothing but reinforce my beliefs.

And now…I’ll be joining that team in a couple of weeks! As someone that Eric Peterson once referred to as “The Grandmaster of Grump,” I’ve been dealing with an unfamiliar emotion: giddiness. I’m looking forward to joining a fantastic and talented team, including having them all in my adopted home town of Columbus in a few months for ACCELERATE!


* I’ve never actually had a career coach. I tried to read What Color Is Your Parachute?  years ago and didn’t make it past the second chapter.


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